Joshi Multoni

City Rogue of Chessenta



The roguish man that stands before you is clad in flowing silk clothes of various colors. His baggy pants are tied short over fabric shoes tied tight. At his neck, a sage green scarf with geometric red patterns crawling across it, easily pulled up to cover his face if needed.

His bare arms and neck are covered in multicolored tattoos of every kind and sort. His confident face, stubbled face and troublesome smile are free from ink. The man’s messy black hair is tied in a topknot that looks as though it was cut with a rusty machete, and partially covered with a fabric headband that sports a decorative medal.

The shortsword carried by this youth is a foreign blade, sharp on one side with a longer handle than most, as if it were to be wielded by two hands. As a hawk that surveys a field looking for a hare, this man surveys the streets and dock yard.


This tattooed pirate or brigand has many miles and leagues in his past, as his many tattoos of every style and fashion can attest. Still, the ner-do-well has an air of confidence about him, seemingly without cause.

The tanned skin and furrowed brow mark him as from the eastern side of the inner sea, but only he could tell you the land of this birth, if even he knows.

Joshi Multoni

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