Hildress Furzen

Cormyrian Infantry Veteran



Hildress Furzen is a Cormyrian warrioress that has served with distinction in the Cormyrian Army. Wearing armor of the king (Half-Plate) and hefting a large steel shield, painted purple with bronze filigree, the soldier carries a elaborately tipped spear and a sheathed dagger on her hip.

With steely blue eyes under short cropped auburn hair, this commoner has found purpose in service to the crown. A loyal veteran, her spear serves the king and the realm.


A commoner from the city of Suzail, the girl that would become Hildress Furzen refused to engage in thievery or crime to get by, but instead found work for a knight of the king. She polished armor, cleaned swords and tended to other menial duties until one day, she insisted to be trained with a blade.

Indulged by some whimsy, the knight found that she was a quick study. Once she learned the spear and shield, there was no stopping her from joining the army. The knight helped her with her postings, placing her with a valorous unit. After several years of service she knew, she had found her place.

Content to serve, she does as she is bid by her commanders. In the field, she is serves as capable infantry. Within the city, she often serves as a guard for important guests, or sentry for important functions. She serves with distinction.

Hildress Furzen

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