Garrick Thrillbane

Adventurer on the Sword Coast



Garrick “Thrillbane”, as he calls himself, is an adventurer that plies his trade along the Sword Coast, and occasionally, beyond. Always on the look-out for those in need, and those with coin, his equipment shows the many miles and battles fought and walked.

A well built warrior with light brown hair and a tightly trimmed beard, scars riddle his face, neck and skin, testament to those that stood in his way. His leather trimmed half plate and heavy brown cloak clearly selected for function and not fashion -Garrick is clearly a man who does not fritter away his coin on cheap thrills or unneccesary flash. The shortsword and dagger he carries show well worn marks from endless use, but they remain well sharpened and oiled.


Born in the Village of Crestton outside Triboar, Garrick spent his youth watching adventurers pass through his village on their way to glory and riches. He also saw much fewer of these warriors, wizards and holy men return. Often bruised, beaten, and carrying the corpses of their friends and kin.

In all its gruesome glory, the adventuring life called to Garrick, and he started as a local scout and guide, helping city types make their way through the woods and farms near his home. Garrick got his first taste of battle when he stumbled into the path of a goblin scout. Both equally surprised, the battle was over in an instant. Garrick was on his back, and the goblin’s corpse lay heavy on his blade. He vowed to never again trust so heavily to luck with the safeguarding of his life.

From that point forward, the lad trained constantly and eventually convinced a group of adventurers to take him on as a junior member, torch bearer and porter. He quickly proved his worth, and from then on adventured where-ever the action, and coin, would take him.

Garrick Thrillbane

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