Dillon Cairn

Young Human Paladin


This young man walks with purpose. Tall and confident, his hide armor seems to bother him little. His short cropped blond hair, tight smile and sad blue eyes betray a soul in pain. Never the less, the youth, with shield tossed back and hand on the pommel of his sheathed falchion, exudes righteous belief and goodness.

His lithe frame would be ill suited to heavy plate. However, the young swordsman can more than hold his own. His battered shield is a testament to battles fought and won.


Dillon Cairn is well known in the frontier as a well meaning Paladin of Torm. Always on the look-out for the down trodden and oppressed, Dillon is eager to right wrongs and bring law, order and righteousness back into the lives of those without the means to effect that themselves.

Dillon Cairn

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