Arathilith Lililiathiath

Elvish Cleric


Arathilith LililiathiathArathilith_Lililiathiath.jpgA high elf in mithril armor stands proud with a grim grin, with the look of someone who’s fought one the losing side too long. The elf’s blond hair is greasy, pulled back into a tight, braided pony tail. His dull green eyes betray no glimmer of his thoughts or emotions. As so many elves do, this one seems to gaze upon the world as though it doesn’t matter, as though everything they see or hear will fade or die long before they do, and that little of it will be worth remembering.


High Elf cleric of the Seladrine pantheon mischief / rogue’s god. Arathilith has always loved the underdog. He looks for the oppressed, those bullied by the stronger, those are the people that needs tricks and trickery. Those are the folk that resist tyranny with mocking jest, pranks and sabotage when they cannot free themselves.

Arathilith worships Erevan Ilesere where ever that takes him. Trusting to fate and his god that he will be where he is meant to at the time that he is needed. Not very preachy for a cleric, Arathilith asks for aid and gives thanks to his patron deity and will expound upon his faith if asked.

Arathilith Lililiathiath

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